• Tourmaline balances the energies which establishes inner and outer balance.
  • It aids in making you flexible and adapt to situations and circumstances.
  • Almost all Tourmaline colors are good for protection.
  • Different Tourmaline colors are used for Chakra healing therapy as they act on the particular Chakra corresponding to its color, cleanses and aligns it to heal the aspects of life connected to the Chakra.
  • Tourmaline can keep you on track, maintain focus to achieve your goal.
  • Tourmaline acts as stress busters, which naturally calms down the person.
  • Tourmaline cleanses negative energies and draws positive ones and worn by healers to have the desired effect.
  • Wearing Tourmaline enhances your intuitive powers, especially if you wear Purple/Violet or the rare Blue Tourmaline
  • Measurement Unit

Tourmalines are weighted in carats, so the specific measurement unit for tourmaline is carat.

  • Market value


  • Color

Black, pink, green, light-blue, watermelon, Brown, Purple and Rainbow