About Us

Afghan Emerald Company

Afghan Emerald Company (AEC) is the first authorises Afghan company founded in 2006 and obtained licenses from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), Afghanistan Investment support agency and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI. The company is working in the following areas:

Legal export and import of precious and semi-precious stones. We have been the leading exporter of gemstones in the international market since 2006. Until 2011 all the precious and semi-precious stones extracted from mines all over Afghanistan were exported through the Afghan Emerald Company. Our products cover Europe, North America, Russia, China, Pakistan, India and Hong Kong. Afghan Emerald company help the gemstone sector in Afghanistan by providing a legitimate value chain process for importing and exporting precious and semi-precious stones. We helped the government collect taxes and generate revenues from the country’s natural resources, as repatriating wealth to Afghanistan is our top priority.

Afghan Emerald Company (AEC) has a powerful team and machinery system, including a team of professional employees and modern machinery focusing primarily on researching gemstone cutting and polishing processes. In addition to our team of experts, the AEC have 15 state-of-the- art machines in its cutting facility in Kabul, which allows for an efficient cutting and polishing process. Recently, the company has broadened its scope of work. Besides gemstones and semi-precious stones, the company is now trading and exporting natural minerals such as antimony, chromite, lead, kohl, beryllium, etc.


We are here to design and create the beautiful shape of gemstone and jewelers that exceeds our customer’s expectations in terms of quality, value and services.


Our vision as a credible gemstone brand is to introduce the elegance of memories. And be the most recognize ” affordable gemstone brand worldwide.

Our Goal

To find a high business model and mechanism for unique Afghan minerals besides precious and semi-precious stones considering national interest.

Areas of Work

Afghan emerald company is committed to providing quality services based on its slogan (shocking beauty); it will remain shiny in providing brilliant services

  1. Gemstone
  2. Minerals
  3. Handicrafts
  4. Carpets
  5. Antique Furniture and Decorative Items