One of the most precious and attractive gemstones that has lots of incredible benefits – the green stone is even counted among the “Big Three” in the world of colored gemstones, which are Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. This green gemstone is called Emerald – the most vibrant that holds a top-notch position amongst the gemstone lovers these days. Emerald holds an extraordinary look through because the stone holds a commanding position. Emerald, precisely known as Panna, is the ruler of Mercury. With Mercury at your side, you will be able to achieve all your successful dreams in life, so by wearing a carefully chosen one you could achieve the milestone of good luck and multifarious benefits.

  • Measurement Unit

Emeralds are weighted in carats, so the specific measurement unit for emerald is carat.

  • Market value


  • Color

Emerald has colors ranging from green, yellow to blue green. Yellow and blue are normal secondary colors found in emeralds.