Afghanistan have rich mountains with minerals, the longest and highest mountains of Afghanistan are: Mount Hindu Kush, Speen Ghar and Koh e Baba. According to US and Soviet geologists these minerals worth billions of dollars which are among the ¬nest and purest in the world. Beside gemstone’s, Afghan Emerald Company also have the legal permit to extract and export Afghan minerals, from years over company is one of the more trusted reliable suppliers of of minerals.

We can supply vast quantity of the following minerals:

• Coal
• Gold
• Iron ore
• Chromium
• Copper
• Zinc and Lead
• Lithium
• Talc • Mica
• Gypsum
• Graphite

• Rock Salt
• Lime stone
• Quartz
• Granite
• Asbestos
• Diorite
• Gabbro
• Granodiorite and
• Marbles
• Onyx