Emerald (Zamarud)

DSC06273Emerald, The most precious variety of beryl, is found in Panjshir Province of Afghanistan, these emeralds are colored by chromium and exhibit a rich dark green color. Their crystal size varies (many over 100 carats). The clarity of Panjshir emeralds rivals the  nest emeralds found in Colombia, Panjshir emeralds have superiority over Columbians for the past 400 years. Panjshir Province, translated  as  ve lions is an about 110 kilometers long mountainous province of strategic impor- tance, pointing directly at Kabul like an arrow. The emerald mining area of the Panjshir is located 113 kilometers northeast of the capital Kabul. The emeralds are extracted at an elevation of 2000-3000 meters (13120-3984 feet) requiring the miners to walk several hours up the rough slopes which are too steep and dangerous for horses and mules. Panjshir itself is at 1800 meters (6,000 feet). Major emeralds mines of PanjSshir are:

1. Khenj 2957 meters 9700 feet
2. Mikeni 4656 meters 15,275 feet
3. Butak 3962 meters 13,000 feet
4. Buzmal 2724 meters 8,937 feet
5. Bakhi and 3816 meters 2,818 feet
6. Darun 9750 meters 9,750 feet

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