Our Mission

We are here to design and create the beautiful shape of gemstone and jewelers that exceeds our customer’s expectations in terms of quality, value and services.

Our Vision

Our vision as a credible gemstone brand is to introduce the elegance of memories. And be the most recognise ” affordable gemstone brand worldwide.

Our Goal

To find a high business model and mechanism for unique Afghan minerals besides precious and semi-precious stones considering national interest.

Our Products

Gemstones & Minerals


Emerald, the most precious variety of beryl, is found in Panjshir province of Afghanistan, these emeralds are colored by chromium and exhibit a rich dark green color...


The perfect quality of ruby stones come from jegdalek and Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. Jegdalek is located in the southern portion of sorobi...


Sapphire will bring lightness and Joy and yet the depth of beauty and thought to the wearer. Called the gem of the soul and of autumn. Fraud was banished from its presence.

Lapis Lazuli

In gemstones the whole majesty of nature is compressed into the smallest space, and in a single stone we can perceive the masterpiece of creation.
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Tourmaline is supposed to ensure success through superior knowledge. If worn by a woman, it makes her more desirable to men; it facilitates friendships and guarantees purity and good...


Aquamarine is an excellent and inexpensive among gemstones, this best stone and the best option for mediation. It is a stone in which the soul is able to immerse itself and feel the beauty of all nature.


Spinel also called Laal-e-Badakhshan, gives help to disorders of the liver, and what is still; and what is still more surprising, if you touch the four corners of a House...



2013 Awards Collaboration for the Jewelry Fabrication Training- USAID (ASMED).

2012 2nd Major Gemstone Exporter Award- Afghanistan Chamber of commerce and Industries (ACCI).

2011 Best Practicies in Trade and Trade Finance- Afghanistan Chamber of commerce and Industries (ACCI).

2008 Active Role in Kabul International Fair- Ministry of Commerce and Industries