IMG_5916Aquamarine is an excellent and inexpensive among gemstones, this a best stone and  the best option  for media- tion. It is a stone in which the soul is able to immerse itself and feel the beauty of all nature. It brings a sense of serenity much as the sea brings peace to many who have troubled  souls. Aquamarine amulets were thought to render sailors fearless and to protect them from adversities at sea. Key Aquamarine mines of Afghanistan are located in Panjshir, Badakhshan konar and Nooristan Provinces of Afghan- istan. As per the requirements of our customers, Afghan Emerald Company is o ering a high quality of Aquamarine processed using cutting edge techniques. Our exclusive designs have helped us earn a leading position in the regional market. We can supply both raw and processed gemstones, Our products are available at cost e ective prices with delivery to the door step of your shop or home.