Ruby (Yakut)

yakutLove is the quality that is re ected by the ruby, and although considered  to be associated with passion, it was also thought to control romantic desires. Bravery is associated with the ruby, courage to seek the truth at all times, courage to be able to stand up for what is right, and courage to attain one’s highest potential. Rubies are often gifted as a mark of undying love. The crystal color range di ers from a light red purple with the best quality referred as “pigeon’s Blood”. To test a  ne and perfect ruby it has to be placed on the same sheet of paper on which fresh blood of a pigeon has been dropped. The perfection of the stone can be then ascertained if it agrees with the blood in color. The perfect quality of ruby stones come from Jegdalek and Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. Jegdalek is located in the southern portion of Sorobi district, 60 km far from the capital Kabul. Afghan Afghan Company is the proud and reliable supplier of  ne and perfect rubies across the globe, we can export the gem to any part of the world within few days.