Description process of gemstone

ZAMARUD AFGHAN ASIA CO LTD was always looking for a batter way to help his country man to change their life in Feb. 2012 we orders a complete set of cutting and polishing of gemstone from Germany and India cost of 150,000$ to build his factory and supply his finish product to market ground and fulfilled his customers fever due to his high laver of order he get from abrade we invest more then 155,000$ in this felt and in first step without any fees we trine more then 62 person including man and woman for 6 months to learn this felt and make there own income and after training we run this business and we had more then expectation product and we supply it to market so due to employee problem we stop the factory we had foreigners teachers for this work but due to there high level demand of salary we wasn’t able to run this factory and we quite it for some time and we still have the opportunity to start it a gin .