Lapis Lazuli (Lazward)

06-minIn gemstones the whole majesty of nature is compressed into the smallest space, and in a single stone we can perceive the masterpiece of creation. Lapis Lazuli is the only important gemstone that is properly classified as a rock rather than a mineral. It is a combination of minerals: lazurite, calcite, pyrite, a little extent Diopside, amphibole, mica and other silicate.

The most important mine of lapis Lazuli is Sar-e-Sang Mine, located in the province of Badakhshan. The Province of Badakhshan, in the mountainous northeastern part of Afghanistan, has been famous throughout the history of its reserve of lapis Lazuli.

The first detailed exploration of the Sar-e-Sang deposits was in 1965-1963 by Soviet geologists. The mine is located 70 kilometers south of Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan, at an altitude of 4300-3700 meters (14108-12139 feet). The mines are accessible for work only from June to September, because of the altitude, they are impassable during harsh weather.

The mines of Badakhshan are legendary. The quality and supply of lapis from Afghanistan are unique in the world and is considered as a national treasure for Afghanistan. Evidence suggests that the Badakhshan lapis Lazuli mines began operating more than 6500 years ago making it the world’s oldest known commercial source of gemstones. Of all the blue stones known in ancient times, lapis was held in the highest esteem. From Alexander the Great (323-356 B.C.) to Marco Polo (1271) most the popular and civilized personalities had direct and indirect contact with the lapse of Bada- khshan.

The finest quality of Lapis Lazuli has intense blue color, lightly dusted with small spots of golden pyrite. The Zamarud Afghan Company is the leader in export of Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan, we export significant amount of lapis Lazuli legally through the land and air ports of Afghanistan to international market. Our gems have AAA quality and we can deliver the gemstones to all over the world through FedEx, DHL and EMS.