Description of fuel Gas Oil

ZAMARUD AfGHAN ASIA CO LTDIt has start his work from 2011 in importing of Gas Oil from (HTIS Enterprise) one of the international company of UAE it  has establish in 2008licence NO (7000164) due to law of UAE.Sheikh Zaid street sweet of 723(fermont tower)info@htisenterprise.comhad a contract of importing Gas Oil (5000) tone of petrol Oil and (5000) ton of diesel Oil with a extendable counteract with HTIS Enterprise from boarder of Torqhonde Herat and we use to distribute it to local market in Herat and provide there needs non stop, more then 20000 tone of Gas Oil we distribute in market during several year we had a good relation with this company and become one there trusted partner in this felt.and our counteract is still valid and due to low market price and we wait of apportions to start our work.