About Afghan Emerald

The company was founded in  2006 by Haji Mohammad Gul Rashid in Kabul the Capital of Afghanistan, the ceremony was attended by the High Ranking Government o­cials and International investors.The Afghan Emerald Company is the ‑rst ever Authorized Afghan company who obtained license from the Ministry of Commerce and industry (MoCI), for the legal import and export of precious and semi-precious stone. The company is registered with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Afghanistan Investment support Agency (AISA) and a member of Afghanistan Chamber of commerce and Industry(ACCI). We are the leading exporter of Gemstones in the international market since  2006 till  2013 all the precious and semi-precious stones extracted from mines all over Afghanistan were exported through Afghan Emerald Company, which cover Europe, North America, Russia, China, India and Hong Kong.Before the establishment of Afghan Emeraldcompany, precious and semi-precious gem stones, e.g. emerald, ruby, lapis etc., were smuggled to neighboring countries by the international tra­ckers and from there they export it abroad. Fortunately, with the establishment of the Afghan Emerald Company and with the legal permission of the Afghan Government, we have started the legitimate process of importing and exporting precious and semi-precious stones based on the framework provided by the state.We take care about all the stakeholders connected directly and indirectly with our company.We help the government to collect taxes and generate revenues from the natural resources of the country.Our Employees play a key role in our success just like heart does in the human body, we are much concern about the welfare of our employees, because it is their hard work and kind behavior thathelped us survive more than ten years and become a leading company the in the regional market.Afghan Emerald Company  presently have  40 employees, including  15 engineers focused primary on researching gemstone cutting and polishing processes.Beside our expert team, we have about modern 15 machines in our cutting facility in Kabul as well which help us to cut and polish the gemstone more e­ciently.Customer satisfaction is our main goal of business, money is not everything for the success of our company.We are committed to assist, as best as we can to develop the Afghan economy by providing modern mining equipment, Trainngs to how to use that equipments and ‑nd the best market for the

Our Mission

Afghan Emerald is committed to implementing, carrying out and maintaining ethical business practicesand procedures. It is with sincerity and conviction that we strive to be a good Corporate Citizen. TheCompany will comply with existing environmental laws, policies, practices, and procedures in theCountries where it conducts business.  It is our mission to introduce the best of what Afghanistan has tooer to all of our clients. We do this by providing good quality product and by presenting ourselves withthe highest integrity in all of our dealings, as we do with our closest friends and family.


Our goal is to learn from our past experiences, to regain pro­tability and to continue to develop and grow by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by current economic conditions in order to be one of the world’s leading Gemstone Company.